Wheel paint removal

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Wheel paint removal

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Hi all

I'm looking at some old style Advanti Storms because they're very cheap. The reason that they're very cheap is because they're very green:
https://wheelking.com.au/content/images ... -green.png

Has anyone had experience with removing paint from wheels? If I took it back to bare metal would there be issues with this? Would I be better off getting them resprayed?

Thanks in advance
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Re: Wheel paint removal

Post by Brian »

You could sand blast or bead blast and then respray.
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Re: Wheel paint removal

Post by AndrewD459 »

It really depends on the condition of the paint. If the paint job is in good condition, with good adhesion of existing coats, all that is needed is scuffing (grey scotchbrite) and good cleaning before new topcoats. If the rims have a little bit of gutter rash, simply sand off the offending scratches and etch prime the bare areas before painting. If the existing paint is falling off/flaking etc then get them sand blasted (and etched primed (many sand blasters will do this as part of their service)) if you are painting them. Or just sand blasted if you are getting them powder coated. As long as you don't have flaking/poor adhesion paint a mobile paint repairer can come to you and respray the wheels on-site in any 2-pack color you like. Look for an operator that will remove the wheels from the car and break the bead of the tire so proper painting of the full wheel face can be done (I am a mobile paint repairer myself). I have seen many brand new wheels with minor damage and when the damage is sanded out I have seen up to seven coats of paint from the factory. Many wheel manufacturers simply re-paint wheels with minor visual defects until the paint hides any issues.
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