Roll bar for 91 miata

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Roll bar for 91 miata

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Hello All,
Finally getting around to my miata and need help with roll bar choice. Its a street car ( Have a 24 hours of lemons car for serious stuff), but would like to do track days, Silver State challenge and like events, etc so want a bar that can meet most rules. I have a robbins streamline glass window top, going to put sparco sprint seat and side mounts in with GW seat rail and 5 pt harness and am 6'1" tall.
I really like the Hard Dog M2 double diagonal and website says special diagonal versions are available, anyone have one with a glass top? I'd hate to buy a bar and install it only to find it wont work.
Any input is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Roll bar for 91 miata

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The 'special versions' are about fitting extra wide rear glass windows. Measure width of glass in the window you have in that Robbins Top, if it comes out 32 or 33 inches (INCLUDING part of glass covered in vinyl), then regular version of M2 works. On the other hand...if 34 to 36 inches you need the extra wide rear leg 'special version'.
Brian Goodwin
Good-Win Racing
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