LFX Engine Swap (GM V6) at GWR

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Re: LFX Engine Swap (GM V6) at GWR

Postby raamaudio » Tue Dec 11, 2018 12:40 pm

What you have achieved with the little "underdog" Miata is incredibly impressive and well earned (as shown by the huge investment in time and funds) congratulations!!!! I have gone back and forth between NA and FI over the years and agree NA done right is so much easier and better in a vast number of ways and going to the V6 you chose is a very inspiring move. Spending all the extra time and funds on chassis and aero obviously paid off. Finding the solution for power versus down force will be the challenge for COTA, not sure how much you can pull out of a higher revving NA V6 or if you will be forced to go FI with perhaps two small snails that might squeeze in down low by the firewall in there with the single pipe manifold or having to run an NA V8 which can be built for quite high revs thus considerable HP for a relatively moderate cost. IF you can get what you need out of the V6 NA that would likely be the best solution and I would love to see it happen:)
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Re: LFX Engine Swap (GM V6) at GWR

Postby MitchC635 » Tue Dec 11, 2018 11:26 pm

Amazing work Ryan. Thanks for sharing the build and giving the world such an impressive display of what a Miata can do.

Sounds like you'll need 500HP+ to meet the challenge set by the new rules. Do you plan to push the current car that far?

If not, is it time to put all your build skills towards an NC with a 2.5 short stroke and FAB9 big turbo kit?

That combo has potential for 550HP+ from a readily available kit that maintains the awesome Miata balance and light weight. Miata.net shows the FAB9 shop is doing a very serious NC 2.3 build currently. There would probably be significant overlap between a new build by you and that build that could benefit both, as well as advance NC state of the art.

Would probably be heresy to suggest such a thing in other racing communities, but Miata racers appear to have amazing capacity to work together on such things.

Looking forward to watching whatever you decide to build next.
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Re: LFX Engine Swap (GM V6) at GWR

Postby Ryan @ GWR » Thu Jan 03, 2019 3:12 pm

The horsepower gap can't be ignored, but I think we still have more speed to find in this car. I have some ideas brewing for the horsepower, but don't want to say too much until we get further down that road. Ideas on a chalk board change often.

We're registered for Superlap Battle USA at Circuit of the Americas!


I'm working on the car every night, but mostly addressing things that need to be reinforced, repaired, adjusted, etc. So the car will be largely as it was at Buttonwillow in November. I'm extremely excited, also nervous. I expect that we won't be taking the win at COTA this year, but I'm really looking forward to the challenge that will be taking everything to the next level and building towards being competitive at this track in the future.
Ryan @ GWR
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