ND power curve with RoadsterSport Super Street exhaust

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ND power curve with RoadsterSport Super Street exhaust

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Hi Brian,

Thank you for the dyno chart for the ND RoadsterSport Q model for the ND. I haven't been able to find the dyno results for the Super Sport model on your website that is reflective of just a muffler change and not a new mid pipe also. Did you run a dyno check on just a ND SS muffler change?

Thank you!
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Re: ND power curve with RoadsterSport Super Street exhaust

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It was tested on a car that already had midpipe and swapping mufflers back and forth we found it did AT LEAST as well as SuperQ. But we never got around to testing on otherwise stock car. It's a straight pipe so we were a lot less concerned about results, even poor use of the dyno should find power with it compared to the restrictive stock muffler. We were more concerned about the SuperQ because of the longer route the flow takes, and it still made good power compared to stock muffler. We gave the Race/Super Street to two different car magazines to test recently, first one already reported they got 6-8 hp on the dyno on otherwise stock ND and they will be publishing that later this Summer. Not sure when the second magazine will do their testing.
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