Question about BBk

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Question about BBk

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Hello Friends

I have a question about the big brake kits. As I live outside US I would need to import it and due to the weight of the rotors the shipping would get very expensive, plus taxes and exchange it gets a LOT more expensive for me.

So to reduce cost I was searching just the calipers and I found this one in Goodwin. ... -1745.html

It says that it's a upgrade for the original BBK from the store. But I wanted to know if I buy this, is it possible to adapt it or I'll be missing essential parts. Is there any way for me to buy the BBK without the rotors? cause it's easier for me to find them here than the calipers, it would save me a lot of money for other parts. I was planing to buy the calipers, front and rear pads.

Thank you!
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Re: Question about BBk

Post by Brian »

That is a caliper conversion, that fits factory size rotors and the brackets to fit that to factory size rotors cannot be used to fit the caliper to bigger rotors. Thus, if you want big brake kit you really want to go direct to our big brake kits on the site.
Brian Goodwin
Good-Win Racing
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