Goodwin Racing NC Oil Cooler & Thermostat

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Goodwin Racing NC Oil Cooler & Thermostat

Postby Ryan @ GWR » Fri Jun 24, 2016 2:16 pm

Another fun project and resulting product to share with you guys. Just released our complete oil cooler kit for the NC. :wave:

Goodwin Racing Oil Cooler and Thermostat Kit

The cooler is Mishimoto's 19-row all-aluminum unit and the thermostatic plate is billet aluminum, also from Mishimoto.
We designed the brackets in-house and implemented some cool modularity there (more on that in a bit). Hoses are nylon fiber braid over rubber inner line for abrasion resistance, while not sawing through nearby components like stainless braided hose can do. All the lines ship pre-assembled to the correct length with AN fittings.

A bit more on those brackets.. we developed the oil cooler kit in unison with our MP62 supercharger big heat exchanger upgrade. This allowed us to design the brackets to be modular so that multiple configurations were all possible and everything would fit nicely together. This means you can run the oil cooler kit entirely independently on a naturally aspirated car, OR you can run it in conjunction with an MP62 kit's standard heat exchanger, OR with our MP62 heat exchanger upgrade - and regardless of which combination of coolers you have, everything is packaged nicely together.

On to some pictures! Sadly, I don't have a photo of the oil cooler mounted by itself, but here is the MP62 big cooler and oil cooler mounted together showing how everything can package together (and our triple-pass radiator behind :mrgreen: )

NC BPK Installed 3.jpg

NC BPK - Installed.JPG

The thermostatic sandwich plate:

NC Oil Cooler - Installed.JPG

Here's the oil cooler and bracket assembly by themselves. The oil cooler is available in silver or black:

NC Oil Cooler Assembled.jpg

Photos above were during development. The production version of the hose assemblies are all black:

NC Oil Cooler Lines 1.jpg

NC Oil Cooler Lines 2.jpg
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Re: Goodwin Racing NC Oil Cooler & Thermostat

Postby timw » Wed May 03, 2017 8:58 am

sorry if this is a silly question, but with the intercooler in the pictures its difficult to see exactly how the bracket mounts to the tub. But the top bracket appears to be symmetrical, does this infer that the cooler can install on either side, the driver or passenger side? I have to run the AEM CAI in my class so concerns about interference if its only fitting on the passenger side. Is it in the driver side on the first photo?

19 rows would be overkill for my need, does the mishimoto have the same mounting locations as a setrab or C&R cooler, which I believe are standardize? Are the pieces available separately or is it available as an entire kit only?

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Re: Goodwin Racing NC Oil Cooler & Thermostat

Postby timw » Wed May 03, 2017 2:34 pm

One other question, I see it uses the front thermostatic Mishimoto sandwich plate, will the rear version fit and not interfere? It appears it won't but curious if you've test fit. The rear one puts the 1/8NPT ports on each side (your description says theres only one on that plate, but isn't there one on the side and one between the M20 ports on the front thermostatic version of that plate, for 2 total?). Curious what options are available for fitment.
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Re: Goodwin Racing NC Oil Cooler & Thermostat

Postby Ryan @ GWR » Mon May 08, 2017 12:22 pm

Hi Tim, the top bracket is symmetrical but the lower brackets that hang down and attach to the cooler are not. Moving the cooler to the other side would take some modification of the brackets, and you'd also need to change the length of the hoses that go to/from the cooler. We haven't played with the sandwich plate you're asking about but I do not believe it will clear.

That said, the cooler should be able to be mounted as-is with the AEM cold air intake. They're close but they shouldn't interfere with one another.

With a thermostat in the system, there's really no concern for having a cooler that's "overkill". The thermostat takes care of regulating the temperature, and having a moderate sized oil cooler just means you have more cooling capacity and that's a good thing. Note the 19 row is really not that massive, we have run even larger oil coolers on some of the more extreme cars, but feel this 19 row is a good fit for most NCs.
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Re: Goodwin Racing NC Oil Cooler & Thermostat

Postby Reitrof » Sun May 14, 2017 1:36 pm

With the cooler, how much is the total oil capacity?
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Re: Goodwin Racing NC Oil Cooler & Thermostat

Postby DanielS172 » Tue Sep 19, 2017 2:03 pm

Are there any installation instructions for this? It looks like just the sandwich plate, cooler, and two hoses that connect them, but I want to be sure on this before I try to install it.
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Re: Goodwin Racing NC Oil Cooler & Thermostat

Postby Brian » Tue Sep 19, 2017 2:20 pm

Like many items, instructions in the box from the maker (Mishimoto)....and we don't have an electronic copy.
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Re: Goodwin Racing NC Oil Cooler & Thermostat

Postby JohnS067 » Fri Nov 03, 2017 1:46 pm

Can you send a link with the instructions from Mishimoto? When I received my order, there were no instructions included. I've asked Mishimoto directly about the kit for the NC1, and they didn't know anything about it. They assumed that the kit I bought from GWR was a custom-designed system.
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