Harddog M4 vs Fabworx ND RZ Roll Bar

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Harddog M4 vs Fabworx ND RZ Roll Bar

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Hi Brian, as a seller of both roll bars, first, I am looking for your opinion on the differences of these two products as there is a fair difference on the price but there does not appear to be much difference in their product descriptions and available photos. I am assuming that there are no full photos for commercial-in-confidence reasons to limit copies of their product. From what I can see, both appear to have additional side braces that are secured somewhere around each rear wheel well to effectively provide a 6 point mount and the Fabworx has a lower cross diagonal brace that interferes with the centre glovebox but clearly provides additional torsional strength.

Second. On the Miata.net forum, Moti mentions that utilising a 4 point harness with the factory seats for track work is a no no. As an absolute beginner, I don't understand how this is not safer than the factory 3 point seat belt and the same factory seat, particularly for a road car that may do half a dozen track days a year. In Australia to get a dual purpose seat that satisfies both track work and meets legal road rule requirements (reclineable) with the side airbag, lands you at around $4000AUS for a Recaro seat (a huge investment for 6 track days a year and still without a roll bar).

Third. Again sticking with Moti, he stated that a double loop roll bar is not in the same league as a standard roll bar design and I am inclined to agree, but I would contend that a double loop bolt-on set up that replaces the two factory hoops and including the side braces and an integral harness bar with about 65mm additional height for extra broomstick clearance that still fits under the roof and with a 4 point harness, is a lot safer than the standard set-up and far more cost effective for the 99% road, 1% track car. Please consider that this statement is from an absolute beginner looking for answers and working to a budget!
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Re: Harddog M4 vs Fabworx ND RZ Roll Bar

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The harddog is as budget choice, and when you get close you see the details. We are not talking a 1990 Miata here you just got off Craigslist for $1000, you got a 30k new ND Miata and I think less than Moti's bar will look cheap. Moti's bar is in my car because it is MUCH nicer. If you just want to get into events, the Harddog bar fits the bill. If you want the BEST you can put in the car, then Moti's bar is the easy choice and I have zero regrets on having it in my ND because the fit is perfection, it looks high end, and I know it is actually to the letter of SCCA regs.

YES, you want at least five point harness, not a place to save money if you actually like walking around in life....you know....with all your limbs still attached. In fact, I always strongly suggest the SIX point harness. Do it once, do it right. Besides, if you show at a track event with the four point you take the chance Tech inspectors may bounce you to the curb, I have seen it happen.
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