CG-Lock in NC

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CG-Lock in NC

Post by HappyCatFilms »

Bought this CG-Lock from Good-Win to try as a step between the factory seatbelts and a full harness (where I'll probably end up eventually). Tried to install it today, but the clamping method to the seatbelt tang leaves a lot to be desired. It doesn't line up with the thickness of the plastic overmold, and the clamp cants in such a way as not not actually grip the seatbelt tang at all. Slips off at the first tug no matter how much I can screw down the tiny little clamping screws.

Sure, I can still use the cam-lock feature on the actual seat belt, but it won't stay in position on the tang.

I did but the unit intended for the NC (2006-2015) for my 2009, but it just won't grip.

Short of grinding off the plastic overmold on the seatbelt tang, any suggestions?

- Rob.
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Re: CG-Lock in NC

Post by jamaican_tuner »

I had the same issue fitting the CG-Lock. I called them and they suggested sharpening the teeth on the CG- Lock so when tightened it would take on a firmer bite.

I ended up switching to race seat / harnesses.
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Re: CG-Lock in NC

Post by morrisg »

I had the same problem and thought of the same solution 6 years ago. I ground a groove in the plastic overmold for the CG tangs to fit into. It's just plastic so a Dremel type tool makes short work of it. Works fine for autox.
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Re: CG-Lock in NC

Post by Reitrof »

I just removed the clamp part, lower jaw?. Much easier to install and adjust
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