New V2 NA & NB Endlinks

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Ryan @ GWR
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New V2 NA & NB Endlinks

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We've had these in the works for quite a while and finally have the finished versions here and in stock.

LINK to these in the store

This new version combines a standard through-bolt head on one side with a ball joint end on the other to make this one set of endlinks compatible with every Miata from 1990-2005. The ball joint end goes to the sway bar and gives better articulation for misalignment between control arm and sway bar than the old style through-bolt head which cuts down on potential issues, and we retain the through-bolt on the lower head to the control arm so that these work with early control arms with the double tabs.

Just like the prior version, we include two center studs to cover the full range of possible endlink assembly lengths you may need for various ride heights, so there's no worry trying to figure out which part number to go with for your specific car's needs and if you change your ride height down the road you won't find yourself endlinks of the wrong length.
GWR_NANBV2Endlink (2).JPG
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