NA/NB: AP Racing & 11.75" Rotor Upgrade for your BBK

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NA/NB: AP Racing & 11.75" Rotor Upgrade for your BBK

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New, kits to upgrade any existing 11" Big Brake Kit to a larger 11.75" rotor size!

Link to the Upgrade Kit
This upgrade kit will work with any kit that uses the following Wilwood calipers:
- Dynalite 4 piston (lug mount type)
- Dynapro 4 piston (lug mount type)
- Dynapro 6 piston (lug mount type)

Works with our Version 3 & 4 Big Brake Kits, the Wilwood branded 11" kits, and any others that use the above calipers.

The kit includes new 11.75" rotors, V8R's FEA-tested scalloped aluminum hats, V8R brackets to place the caliper over the larger rotors, and new stainless hardware.

The base upgrade kit includes the standard Wilwood 11.75" rotor rings which are lightweight and affordable rotors good for street, autocross and light track use with low horsepower.
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AP Racing Rotor Option

What I'm really excited about is our new partnership with Essex - AP Racing's US Distributor. AP needs no introduction, their stuff is on championship winning cars from LeMans to Daytona. One of the benefits of our new relationship with them is AP's 11.75" rotors that are direct fit with any kit that uses the 11.75" Wilwood rotor. These are AP Racing's curved vane, J hook rotors. Perfect for high horsepower applications, engine swaps, road racing, endurace racing, etc. Basically in any case where you'd have a car eating through other rotors, switch to these.

Link to AP Racing rotor replacements
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The best part is we have these on our shelf ready to ship, and we'll be keeping these in stock so you can rely on being able to get them.
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