NC Brake Squeal

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NC Brake Squeal

Post by JamesD840 »

I'm running Hawk High Performance Street 5.0 brake pads and DBA 4000 Series T3 rotors. I love the braking performance & pedal feel (I also installed braided brake lines). The brakes are also quiet with one exception. The brakes squeal just as I'm coming to a stop and will also do it if I let off the brake pedal slowly as the car starts to roll. But at higher speeds they are absolutely quiet.

What causes this? Is there a way to get rid of the squeal? I'd greatly appreciate any advice.
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Re: NC Brake Squeal

Post by Brian »

The more aggressive the compound, the more likely the squeal. You can try some anti-squeal compound on the pad backs and it might help.
Brian Goodwin
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