NC1 clutch most similar to OEM release curve?

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NC1 clutch most similar to OEM release curve?

Postby 07miata » Sat Dec 17, 2016 11:15 am

Happy Holidays! I've had an Exedy clutch in my miata for about 8 years, and never liked the release curve, as it's too sudden for daily driving around here (lots of stop'n go traffic. :( ). Back then the Exedy was the only non-OEM option available, and I believe it's the Exedy "stage 1" clutch now offered. I had a well-known tuner drive my car and he was surprised how heavy the clutch was, and I drove his tuned car which has a stock clutch and it was light as a feather. I'm thinking of going back to stock -- is there any other clutch for an NC1 on a stock engine that mimics the OEM release curve? Thanks!
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Re: NC1 clutch most similar to OEM release curve?

Postby Brian » Sat Dec 17, 2016 7:06 pm

These days Exedy has their OEM replacement units that feel same as stock, likely you have older race unit.
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