Suitable mapping for my components (Combo PPE)

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Suitable mapping for my components (Combo PPE)

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Hello, my name is Wolfram. I live in Cologne (Germany). I drive an MX-5 ND 2.0 Sports-Line with sport package (Recaro etc.). Hello together :-)

A goodwin exhaust system was now installed.

This one -> ... -1980.html

As a rear muffler is a Fox installed.

This one -> ... cName=pkw- Mazda-mx5-ND-c-1_223_234_3072 with a single tube.

A Mishimoto was installed as an cold air intake.

This one -> ... -2016.html

I would like to adjust the software (ECU). What do I need? Is there a suitable mapping for my components? Thank you so much!

Sorry for my bad english. I hope yo can understand me.

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