Roadstersport "Laguna Seca" Turn-Out Exhaust Tip

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Roadstersport "Laguna Seca" Turn-Out Exhaust Tip

Postby Ryan @ GWR » Fri Jan 27, 2017 1:05 pm

This is a simple little part that solves a big need for anyone running at an autocross or track day with low sound limits where your car is registering close to or even just above that limit. It's a classic solution used in motorsports for decades - just point the exhaust outlet away from the sound meter location and the meter instantly reads lower. We nickname it the Laguna Seca tip because that race track is infamous for having very quiet sound limits most days out of the year (many factory sports cars are over that track's limits right off the showroom floor!), and so this sort of device is found at the back of almost every car when you walk through the paddock there.


Here, owners of RoadsterSport mufflers for all generations - NA through ND - get a nicely finished turn-out tip that is a direct fit in nearly all RoadsterSport mufflers (Note: does not fit mufflers with twin tips right beside each other, ie ND Twin Tip Super Q/Super Street or Fiat 124 "Quad" Exhaust). The tip installs the same as any of our removable baffles, simply slide it in the exhaust end and fix in place with the bolt in the bottom. The turn-out tip has two bolt holes 180° apart from each other so that you can easily point the tip to the left or right depending on the sound meter location at your event.


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Re: Roadstersport "Laguna Seca" Turn-Out Exhaust Tip

Postby morrisg » Sun Jan 29, 2017 9:10 pm

Please don't try this outlet at SCCA Autox competition. It is expressly not legal at National level events.
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