Advanti Racing Storm S1 - what tire?

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Advanti Racing Storm S1 - what tire?

Post by beardedstealth »

Really considering prepaying for the Advanti Racgin Storm S1 wheels for my ND. I personally love the look of a 16" wheel on this car and the extra weight savings over the Enkei (as well as the black color) make it a very interesting option.

If I was to get these wheels, what tire(s) would you recommend?

Thanks in advance
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Re: Advanti Racing Storm S1 - what tire?

Post by Brian »

For most folks with ND or Fiat 124 the choice of tire on that 16x7.5 Storm will be 205/50/16. That will give you a good balance of performance and ride. There are some low cost tires and some really FAST tires in that size, like RE71R which I have run and loved....but that is 200 treadwear so just know they will be done in under 10k miles.

For a fatter look, some good 225/45/16 tires out there like Toyo R1R and Dunlop Direzza Star Spec
Brian Goodwin
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