Ichiba wheel spacers for ND

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Ichiba wheel spacers for ND

Postby Ryan @ GWR » Thu Feb 09, 2017 3:43 pm

Getting lots of interest in these thicker spacers from guys who want to keep their factory wheels but change the look with a wider stance. We carry the Ichiba spacers which are very high quality and hubcentric units.

The factory wheels have 13mm of cavity depth, so as long as the factory studs extend less than 13mm from the spacer's face, the factory wheels will be compatible.

Here's the 15mm spacer mounted up. The factory studs extend 10mm beyond the spacer surface, so factory wheels are compatible:

Ichiba 15mm 1.jpg

Ichiba 15mm 2.jpg

And 20mm spacer mounted. The factory studs extends 5mm from the spacer surface, so factory wheels are compatible:

Ichiba 20mm 2.jpg

Ichiba 20mm 1.jpg

I didn't take any pics of the 25mm version, but the studs are flush with the spacer face on those. Keep in mind with 25mm spacers on the factory wheels that this amount of spacer effectively moves the face of the wheel out to the same point as a 17x9 +45mm wheel's face. That means all the same notes about wheel/tire clearance with the fenders with a wide 17x9 apply here as well. Less so with the thinner spacers.
Ryan @ GWR
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Re: Ichiba wheel spacers for ND

Postby jdellis » Sat Feb 11, 2017 9:30 pm

What is the largest wheel spacer for NC 2006 Miata made by Ichiba that will fit with OEM wheels?
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