2017 RF Roll bar clearance?

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2017 RF Roll bar clearance?

Post by HAZMAT »

I just bought a Soul Red RF with Brembo.

I'm hoping that someone local with an RF will have BBFW test fit their bar to see if it will fit.

Thoughts on any of the bars out there.

I'm a HPDE instructor and want/need a SCCA legal bar over my head....

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Re: 2017 RF Roll bar clearance?

Post by jboemler »

If you want someone local, you might want to post where you're located.
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Re: 2017 RF Roll bar clearance?

Post by Brian »

There is no roll bar for RF....and doubt there can ever be a legal bar for RF.

I am blown away that anybody with track intentions would buy the RF, sitting it the RF the first time it was pretty clear there is no space for safe install of a real roll bar. This question has come up in the forums a few times and on our facebook page, same answer has been posted over and over with regards to RF.

Thus, for others finding this thread later, my STRONG SUGGESTION is that those with track day intentions should get the soft top because it has space for install of SCCA legal roll protection. HAZMAT, perhaps if you are really short you might be able to custom up something under the LOWER RF roof, but I expect it would not pass muster with Tech Inspectors at many events unless you are really short, or perhaps put in a proper race seat and bolt it direct to the floor to get the height you need. I am 6'2 and my hair is rubbing the RF's lower roof when I sit in it, no chance I could ever get in RF with helmet and roll protection unless we chopped the entire roof off the car.
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