MX5 2010 Parallel/Tandem Cooling Fan Mod for AZ heat

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MX5 2010 Parallel/Tandem Cooling Fan Mod for AZ heat

Postby PaulW900 » Sat Apr 08, 2017 10:18 am

My dream => Lower bay temp to 190 (+/- 5 F) - City/AC

14" 3000 CFM Push Fan:


14" Starter Duct Cowl:


Harness/Thermostat Kit:


Get it together"

A) Bumper off and such...

B) Trim up untabbed cowl side to accommodate down angle of radiator face for flush fit.

C) Trim cut outs to accommodate piping and crap in front of radiator

D) Attach fan to tabbed end of cowl with wire ties or something

E) attach now flush angled cowl side to radiator with little attachment thingies that come with fan.

F) Install thermostat/wire kit (not real sure where @ this point

G) Have fun with added coolness.

* Please go easy...My first hopeful mod on my unmolested 2010 MX :shock:
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