RoadsterSport Midpipe with OpenFlash Muffler?

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RoadsterSport Midpipe with OpenFlash Muffler?

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In the description of the RoadsterSport Midpipe, it states that it will ONLY work with RoadsterSport brand mufflers. I just want to verify. This means that this Midpipe canNOT be used with the OpenFlash Center Exhaust you offer?
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Re: RoadsterSport Midpipe with OpenFlash Muffler?

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Just added the OpenFlash Center Exhaust to the site and no opportunity yet to check fitment with our RoadsterSport midpipe. We are converting gasket styles at that connection when the midpipe is added, to a big flat gasket to support the full 2.5 inches of flow. Since we do not know how other makers plan to handle that transition, keeping or not keeping the smaller factory gasket style at that connection, we will have to check brand by brand as time permits.
Brian Goodwin
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