Track day oil weight for ND in TX.

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Track day oil weight for ND in TX.

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I'm a long time HPDE (Red group) and 8 yr vintage racer in a 40yr old English 4 cyl. Oil temp in a 20 minute session was something I watched closely. Finally found what worked in the Triumph, but now I'm back doing DE's, in a new RF club and I don't buy the Mazda 0w20 oil recommendation all the time. For a two day event being driven at 8-10ths. I'm thinking a 5w50 might be more appropriate for a 100d day in North TX. Any thoughts from you hot shoes?
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Re: Track day oil weight for ND in TX.

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Yes, for Texas track days you could indeed run a little thicker protection...we ran 15/50 for hot track days last Summer.
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