Skunk2 Throttle Body

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Skunk2 Throttle Body

Postby joeybeppy » Tue Mar 13, 2018 5:27 pm

I'm going to be doing a thorough cleaning of my intake manifold and EGR valve while replacing many vacuum lines on my mildly stock NB 2002 Miata. While doing this, like other parts, I typically have oxidized aluminum parts powder coated. I'm hoping to do this to the intake manifold which is the last piece to paint. This leaves the badly oxidized throttle body. I'm considering replacing my stock one with the Skunk2 unit. I do have much more air coming in and out with intake and exhaust mods done, so and upgrade here would fit too.
Does anyone have any input on this unit? Reading online about their plenum, I'm seeing lots of bad fitments and other problems. Being mostly stock, I worry about making sure all the vacuum lines have a place to go so I don't get hit with many fault-codes.
Any input would be greatly appreciated!!
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