How helpful is a tune with these mods?

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How helpful is a tune with these mods?

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2008 NC PRHT with Stock CAI - RS Catted/Ceramic Header - RS Catted mid-pipe - RS Race Exhaust. I love the race single sound but kept the cats on the mid-pipe and header to keep volume levels at a reasonable level (plus my wife wouldn't go for rides if any louder :-( I've also decided to stick with a stock CAI for now because after viewing essentially shows that the NC has a cold air duct with similar placement to others offered on the market. So given all that - won't the existing ECU make acceptable, reasonable adjustment to AF ratio (I realize not perfect) and other minor adjustments on its own? Just trying to get my head around spending $750 for a dyno tune (Berg Racing - Miata Specialists - Webster, NY) and if it's really worth it. Thanks!
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Re: How helpful is a tune with these mods?

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Yes, fuel trims will adjust...but what you get is stock conservative tune and reflash will still add noticeable improvement.
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