DLR "hack"?? (Link for DLR "Always On" harness!!)

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DLR "hack"?? (Link for DLR "Always On" harness!!)

Postby KurtH460 » Thu Jul 26, 2018 12:08 pm

A Google search has shown me that a lot of ND owners are looking for ways to get the DLRs to stay on and be used as foglights. I haven't found anyone that has a fix for this..anyone else aware of anybody offering a "kit" for this?

My thoughts on a "hack" involve:
Step1: Turn off DLRs on Info screen (to avoid Check Light with next step.
Step2: Unplug DLR LED lights from wire harness.
Step3: If Malfunction/Check/Warning light comes on, possibly wire in a single LED cell to the wire harness (maybe use/mount it the lower grille/radiator area as a backlight (?)
Step4: Wire the DLR LEDs to a Switched 12V source (fusebox or wire harness) using a Relay..therefore, DLRs would be always On when car is switched on. Have a constant power supply to the LEDs from that Switched 12V lead, but use a Relay that works as a Close (Off) Circuit instead of an Open (On) Circuit...that way, the Off trip source can be tapped from the High Beam Headlight wires to switch the DLR LEDs OFF when the High Beams are switched on (would be way too bright having all the lights on..and cops might hassle you if the "new" DLR "Foglights" don't kick off when the Highs are on!!) The DLRs could even be wired to a switch to turn on and off as Relay controller..or in conjunction with the High Beam trip source.

Any thoughts on the subject??
(I feel like the ND looks like it's missing something when the Headlights are on..and the DLR "Foglights" would look more cool in my opinion!

Thanks, Kurt
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Re: DLR "hack" ??

Postby ryanholt » Sat Jul 28, 2018 7:48 pm

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Re: DLR "hack" ??

Postby KurtH460 » Sun Jul 29, 2018 6:44 am

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the link!!!
That is exactly what I was hoping someone would have come across!! I preordered both versions of DLR modules...and a bunch of other cool stuff!!
Thanks again Ryan!!!
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