Thoughts on an NC ChumpCar?

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Thoughts on an NC ChumpCar?

Postby Grant » Mon Oct 01, 2018 8:42 pm

NC Miatas are classified as 500 point cars under ChumpCar rules. This means they can have:

  • Almost any free weight reduction. I'd run without a windshield E-Prod style, weld the door skins on, gut everything I could gut, etc.
  • Collector-back exhaust. I could cut the cat off and weld a pipe in its place, but could not modify the rest of the OE header.
  • Vent the hood, duct the radiator, etc.
  • Any intake.
  • Any tune.
  • Any width wheel/tire combination, street tires only (probably Hankook R-S4s). I'd probably test on both 15"s (245/40-15) and 17"s,

Any opinion on how a car like this would do? How much it would weigh? Keep in mind I'd have to run a stock-thickness radiator and stock oil cooler. With a vented hood coolant temps are usually not a problem, but oil temps can be. My friend's SC300 runs 300F+ oil temps for 14 hours at a time, and seems happy doing so... This can't be good for longevity, but it's a 2JZ.

From what I understand some clutch packs in the differential might come apart, but it would still have some torque biasing and thus probably work fine.
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