nc cylinder head, 09-15 compatibility with 07-08

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nc cylinder head, 09-15 compatibility with 07-08

Postby DaveO409 » Tue Jan 15, 2019 10:23 am

I have an 07 NC with damaged valves. Missed a shift and valves contacted pistons. No serious damage to pistons but now need the head rebuilt or a new head.
Would like to upgrade to 2009-15 components as I hear they are stronger.
I have found a 2013 unit on ebay from a wrecked car but it was a manual transmission car. According to what I have found there is a difference between the head on an automatic car and a manual transmission car. They say that the head from an automatic is supposed to be compatible with my 07 but not the one from a manual transmission car.
Anyone know what the difference is between manual and automatic head on 2009-15 units and is there is a simple fix to make the head from a manual 09-15 work with an 07 car?
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