Lug Nut Size

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Lug Nut Size

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Simple question...hard to find the answer...

I have a 2008 NC. What size are the factory lug nuts? I want to get a good socket to use with my torque wrench, and cannot find the size, as the car’s lug wrench doesn’t have the size listed. I have a socket for 13/16” which seems to be just a little too tight (13/16 = 0.8125, which is 20.6mm). And I’ve tried a 22mm socket, but it’s too loose. So, does that mean the lug nuts are 21mm?

Thank you!

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Re: Lug Nut Size

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Yes, factory 21mm if memory serves. But factory lugs are junk, wide and short, we want longer/narrower and we want the socket to bottom on the lug and not on the wheel.

For example, look at the lugs on our site, specs are in the product HERE.
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