NC Stock-Sized 16" Wheels

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NC Stock-Sized 16" Wheels

Post by ToddW187 »

Hey Brian (and everyone else),

I'd like to stick to stock class AutoX, but I'd like to get a second set of shoes for my '06 touring. My understanding of the national AutoX rules is that I'd need to stick to wheels the same width, with the same offset +/-7mmm, and with the same diameter, +/-1". I'm having trouble finding such wheels for the '06 Touring since it has 16" diamater, 6.5" wide rims with a 55mm offset (if my info is correct). So that leaves me with a couple options involving just sticking with the stock rims for AutoX. (A) wait til my current tires wear out, then get new 17" rims with street tires and new track tires for the stock rims, (B) get new 16" rims, put the current street tires on the new rims and new track tires on the stock rims, or (C) just get new track rubber for the stock rims and not worry about wearing them out.

Since the track (meaning tread wear 200 street legal but meant for high performance) rubber should wear faster than normal all-seasons, I've been thinking it would be nice to not use them as my daily driver tires (since I daily the car) to preserve the life of the tires for the track. Is this not as big of an issue as I'm thinking it will be?

I think I like option B the best (it seems silly to have a larger diameter wheel for street driving like in option A, and I don't want to wear out the more expensive track tires quickly using option C), but I noticed you don't carry any 16" wheels for the NC. Why is this? Do the manufacturers you carry just not make them, or I am the only person wanting to keep 16" rims on the NC?

Thanks for any input anyone might have!
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Re: NC Stock-Sized 16" Wheels

Post by Brian »

Pretty sure 17x7 was optional size on that touring, meaning you can run 17x7 and something like Enkei 17x7 48mm will be legal for you. Use 225/45 Rival or RE71R on that, but we bag them to keep them fresh and FAST between events because otherwise they do bake out hard really fast. So, you get some big 'drum liner' 55 gallon garbage bags and you do your best to seal those fast tires up in the bags and keep them fast for the autocross and track weekends. For many folks they won't bother, they will just leave the 200 tw tires on the car all the time but this does make them harder and slower pretty quick.
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