Adjusting Sway Bar along with Tire Pressure

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Adjusting Sway Bar along with Tire Pressure

Postby avera01 » Sun Jun 02, 2019 7:51 pm

Between two novice autocross training days, I adjusted the rear RoadsterSport SB from the medium setting to the softer setting with the front SB set at the medium point. The purpose of this was to adjust the car towards more of an understeer than from oversteer using stock suspension and tires (except for the SB). The PSI was set for 34 PSI (for the training) and the car handled very well and nearly neutral with a slight understeer tendency. Normally I drive the car with 29 PSI.

So the question is, with this setup, can I further tune the suspension using only tire pressure? Perhaps with a couple of pounds higher in the rear (than the front) to neutralize the car? If so, at what PSI numbers of variance between the front and back does it start to affect the car?

Training was done on concrete in S. Florida hot dry weather using a 2016 GT.
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Re: Adjusting Sway Bar along with Tire Pressure

Postby Brian » Mon Jun 03, 2019 6:17 am

YES, you can stagger tire pressures front to rear for fine control of balance, a lot of competitors do. Another interesting area of adjustment is KONI SPORT shocks, the standard for SCCA CS class and what we run in our own ND for SCCA CS and winning CS time and Top Pax results yesterday. If you go with adding the KONI SPORT shocks at some point then at the same time you change the bumpstops and medium rear to hard rear to better balance the front bar without needing tire pressures to get that balancing done.
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