NC1: Replacing rear glass in soft top worthwhile?

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NC1: Replacing rear glass in soft top worthwhile?

Postby nc1 » Sat Jun 08, 2019 12:45 pm

I've got a 2007 NC1 with a 4 year old Robbins soft top. The top is in great shape, but last week the rear glass window literally just fell out. The glass is in perfect shape since it fell inside the car while it was parked. Looks like the glue just wore-out after all these years in the sun. It's always parked outside in south FL so it sees constant sun. I'm planning to scrape/reglue the rear glass back into the top, and was wondering if anyone has experience with that. It looks pretty straight forward. I'd rather spend $100 on sealant and clamps than $1600 on an entirely new top (most of that's labor), unless folks here think a new top is the only way to go and the resealing method will only last a year before it falls out again. Thanks for any opinions! :)

p.s. while Robbins has a 6 year warranty my receipt is long gone. :(
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