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Max Wear alignment for track.

PostPosted: Thu Jul 04, 2019 11:01 am
by RobB337
I have a track car (97 home made Exocet) that is used for track days (as an advertising platform for my company) and as a charity ride-along vehicle for events like the VIR Victory Junction charity laps. I am not looking for max performance speed wise but rather a stable platform that I get max tire life out of running on track at 9/10ths. I know I can add better performance with a more aggressive alignment (my Auto-X/track ND has those things) but this is a "thrill the rider" car and I need the consumables to last as long as possible.

Wondering if anyone had numbers that would be a great starting point. The current autoX setup on the car has worn the inside right front so bad that it may not even be able to be flipped.

I am thinking 0 toe or maybe even a hair of "in" and right at -.08 to -1 camber? ALso will lowering the caster keep the inside flatter in turns?

I could get it close then use a tire pyrometer to tweak at the track.