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RoadsterSport Endlinks with RX-8 Bars?

PostPosted: Tue Aug 06, 2019 11:02 am
by BobW432
Hi guys,

This is my first post, so please go easy on me. I just purchased a low-mileage 2011 PRHT special edition, and I plan to order Progress springs, Koni sports, 36/58 sport bump stops and RX-8 red/yellow sway bars. The car will never see the track, but I enjoy spirited driving on winding back roads. I'm looking for improved handling (less body roll and reduced porpoising over dips and rises), without a punishing ride.

Here's my question: Will I notice a difference in ride or performance if I stick with the stock endlinks?

On the Good-Win site, they say that "Stronger endlinks are a MUST when you change to a stiffer sway bar and when you lower your MX5 you want adjustable endlinks for correct geometry (bar ends level)."

So I'm thinking about getting the RoadsterSport Endlinks, but I'm wondering if they are the best use of $200 on a road car.

Your thought?

Thanks very much!

Re: RoadsterSport Endlinks with RX-8 Bars?

PostPosted: Wed Aug 07, 2019 9:34 am
by Brian
For a road car should be fine with the stock links. It's really the guys going max stress with autocross/track that need the upgraded links or they will pop the ball from the socket of the stock links.

I am not a big fan of using RX8 sways, because you have zero adjustment, you get the balance you get it and if you don't like that balance you start over with a set of sways that gives you easy control over balance. Result is that we take a lot of RX8 sways off cars here as soon as customers get past the training wheels stage and want a more adjustable choice, I got a junk pile stacked high of them that our junk hauler guy picks up now and then.

Re: RoadsterSport Endlinks with RX-8 Bars?

PostPosted: Wed Aug 07, 2019 2:36 pm
by BobW432
Thanks very much for the reply, Brian. Good to know about both the RX-8 bars, and the need (or lack there of) for adjustable endlinks when not racing.

An order will be coming your way soon.

Bob :D