ND/ND2 normal operating temperature

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ND/ND2 normal operating temperature

Postby fl4ckon » Thu Dec 19, 2019 4:15 pm

Does anybody know what is the normal operation temperature for engine (Coolant) for ND/ND2, and at what coolant temperature the Fan should kick in?

Reason why I ask is that I installed KOYO radiator and all is running as expected, when driving, but when in traffic or idling the temperatures seems to go rather high 210+, if I turn AC on or start moving 10mph+ it drops quite quickly.

The gauge (the black/white "detailed" one which comes up after pressing the "stick" next to it) goes from cca 205 to 255, with mid point of 230F, so just based on that I would say lower half is normal?? but that feels too high, and it seems that fan (with AC turned off) kicks in around 225F, so close to that 230 mid point...

I installed the radiator right after the break-in 1000miles, when I didn't push it, nor spent any time in traffic/idling so now I'm really not sure if the behavior changed with the KOYO install - but I can imagine what.. as sensor is still the same, and it works as the fan turns on...

I was trying to google if anyone complained about this, and haven't found anything for ND/ND2, only threads for NA-NC, and those definitely have lower fan kick-in temps...
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Re: ND/ND2 normal operating temperature

Postby Brian » Fri Dec 20, 2019 6:52 am

210F is not high, that's just barely warmed up, should not be pushing the engine until you reach 210 F.

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