Wilwood rear BBK w/ parking brake

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Wilwood rear BBK w/ parking brake

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Does anyone have experience replacing the pads in the parking brake calipers?
Pads in the SuperLite and DynaPro calipers are nice and easy, but the MC4 (I'm guessing that's what it is) parking brake caliper has me stumped.... the replacement pads just don't fit. I'm pretty sure the piston is fully retracted and the cables are disconnected, but the pads are too thick, by several mm to fit.
Wilwood doesn't have any docs for the MC4... mechanical drawings, but no "how to" docs.

Somewhat related, while working on these, I noticed that the rear rotors are only held on by the wheel and lug nuts. With the wheel off, the rotor moves free... can't actually fall off because the calipers still keep it in place, but it does wiggle. Is that normal? This is my first experience w/ 2 piece rotors...

Has anyone just installed a hydraulic lock on the rear DynaPro caliper? seems simple compared to the multiple caliper setup?
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Re: Wilwood rear BBK w/ parking brake

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Yes, no separate hardware holding rotors in place, that's true with stock and every kit we offer.

It has been a while since I replaced rear pads but dedicated parking brake caliper needs you to wind the piston back. Stock caliper has access hole from behind for this, but the recollection here is that front of piston in very small dedicated parking brake caliper has two notches that you use to manually wind it back.
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