Nd1 Exhaust Question

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Re: Nd1 Exhaust Question

Postby LanceL648 » Sun Feb 07, 2021 11:02 am

So since going E85 with Fab9, thanks for the recommendation. I am in love with their tune, I did a comparison between OFT and Fab9 and Fab9 does appear to make more torque and power throughout the entire rev range, albeit not by much, but it is noticeable. Also the throttle response seems more linear and natural vs OFT.

But on Topic with Exhausts, as you know I had ordered and installed your Standard length header, Max Mid-pipe, and Just recently found your SQ HV for used from someone on miata.net. SO that was just installed yesterday. I had a stock muffler on there, but that was to quiet it down vs the pass through resonated pipe I had as a custom axle back, for winter seasons with the top up drone deafening.

While I can speak for the noise level (SQ HV installed) with no baffle or reducer in at idle and on revving in my garage, (snowing out here in CT last week and right now as I'm typing this) I haven't gotten it out on the roads yet.

My question to you is, should i use any baffles in this SQ HV tip? IT came with a reducer, and I also have your packed baffle which I think fits, ( I had the race muffler for about 10 mins...lol and that baffle did nothing for the over loudness).

Any advice on the question at hand, to do a packed baffle or not to do a packed baffle, with your FULL exhaust for performance or torque mid range ect. ( I don't want to lose power) Cardinalsin on the MIata.net forum from AUS said he had this mid pipe and muffler, but with the OFH2 which was a 4-1 design and he felt subjective torque bump in the mid range with the packed baffle IN there vs out. But I do have your GWR full exhaust (which is different header design 4-2-1) and value your opinion.

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Re: Nd1 Exhaust Question

Postby Brian » Mon Feb 08, 2021 12:08 pm

Ideally that SuperQ is big enough you don't need the baffle for 'sane' sound control. So, skip the baffles if you can.
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Re: Nd1 Exhaust Question

Postby LanceL648 » Tue Feb 09, 2021 6:47 pm

Yeah I think its sane even without any baffles in there. Still haven't driven her! I hate the road salt! The snow is fun... lol! But the salt is NG for her! Esp Mazda's aren't great with long term rust if abused.

I'll write back my review, hopefully soon.
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