ND1 Full manifold (Head-to-tail) back exhaust + Edelbrock SC

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ND1 Full manifold (Head-to-tail) back exhaust + Edelbrock SC

Postby LanceL648 » Sat Mar 27, 2021 6:55 am

Packed baffle question, to use or not to use... That is the question.

So I went pretty quickly from a good NA setup to EBSC over the course of 2 weeks end of Feb, beginning of March. But when I was NA I used the baffle as it helped produce throttle response and feel low-mid rpms (2500-4500) and that is where I'm laying on it in the turns on the streets, so it made sense regardless of flow losses up top.

When I went EBSC, I removed it straight away thinking higher intake flow would need greater exhaust outlet. But I just recently tried it again to see what would happen, and it feels good again in that lower register of rpm range. (All tuning aside not revised for the baffle). And I know that E85 will wake up the top end too.. not on E85 on this setup yet.

I am back to running 93 Oct instead of E85, and I'm still tuning with Bryan @ Fab9 but instead if the VersaTuner, I'm on the ECUTEK (no choice really yet on that one). I have a new tune file in the oven so to speak..lol. but I'm wondering your advice about the baffle use with EBSC!?

I was even thinking of drilling holes on the inner flange to open up to the center more for increased flow, but I don't want to damage construction of it. What is your opinion? I really do feel the benefits of it in the SQHV it is still just way loud (combined with SC it sounds crazy weird!) and it somehow brings back some low mid torque and power to the foot pedal / butt dyno.

So you have a recommendation on muffler setup? Maybe the is something better for what I'm doing, sound and torque feel?

Thanks as always for your input!
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Re: ND1 Full manifold (Head-to-tail) back exhaust + Edelbroc

Postby Brian » Sat Mar 27, 2021 7:40 am

On blown car I would not use the packed baffles, too much restriction that will compromise the tune too much. Blowing with supercharger does make exhaust system a lot louder but if you need more control of sound levels then I suggest more muffler, like our SuperQ Header version like we use on my wife's supercharged RF.
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Re: ND1 Full manifold (Head-to-tail) back exhaust + Edelbroc

Postby LanceL648 » Sat Mar 27, 2021 3:38 pm

I actually do have the Super Q Header version. It sounds gnarly under boost... the supercharger whine (not heard from the intake side) is definitely heard through the exhaust. I know you have the RF, on the ST it sounds like BWAHhhhhhhhh...lol! <---- not in a good way.

The baffle actually makes it sounds more tinny, but quieter.. I really do feel a torque difference in the low mid that is unmistakeably better with it in. You should try it.. if you haven't.

I understand the tune issues, but the torque feel / throttle feel is better with it in. I will see how my logs look ( Bryan from Fab9 will see ). As for the sound, maybe if I cut and weld in the mid pipe an additional SS 2.5 " resonator?

Your thought appreciated. Thanks 1,000,000!
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