Wheel & tire questions for 2014 GT PRHT

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Re: Wheel & tire questions for 2014 GT PRHT

Postby EdW239 » Wed Apr 28, 2021 12:31 pm

the thought also occurred while I was reading through the Ohlins install thread -
I saw a warning against running them on roads where salt is used.
Not sure how much actual salt they are still using where I live (southeastern PA) more than none, though.
they also tend to brine the roads if they are expecting ice/freezing rain, etc.

that being said, we have only gotten snow 2 or three times a winter season most years, though it does stay around for a while.

I won't be going out in blizzards, but it will be a year around car unless it forces me to get a "beater" too.
hoping this wrinkle is not a major problem.
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