RoadsterSport Street Headers

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RoadsterSport Street Headers

Postby OmarT544 » Sat Jul 24, 2021 7:08 pm

Hey everyone, I want to get the catted headers so badly. Ever since the price went up due to cost I may have to get the non-ceramic coated but I will try to spring for the ceramic coated ones. I understand I wouldn't need the extra thermal wrapping (not the ones that crack headers, the one GWR recommends) with the ceramic coated ones and they look badass.

My main thing is my NC is stock except for a Cobalt Dual Tip Exhaust and it gets drony at the lower frequencies that everyone knows. I love the way it sounds on WOT, it's just the lower rpm deceleration drone. Does anybody know if the street headers might make it more or less drony with the Cobalt and stock midpipe? I have the OEM exhaust so if it gets worse then I can put the stock exhaust back, I'm just looking for what to expect. I'm buying a house in a few months so this will likely be a christmas gift for myself but I'm trying to do the research now.

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Re: RoadsterSport Street Headers

Postby Brian » Mon Jul 26, 2021 8:35 am

YES....less restrictive header increases ALL noises at the back. So, if you find Cobalt drones now, it will get worse with any higher flowing header. The only real answer to drone while keeping highflow is a helmholtz chamber. That's why the development of that header led to development of the Helmholtz midpipe as detailed on the site in more detail.
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