RoadsterSport MX5 STREET Header CEL and other questions

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RoadsterSport MX5 STREET Header CEL and other questions

Postby geneius811 » Thu Aug 05, 2021 7:23 pm

Hi Guys,

So i just installed the RoadsterSport MX5 STREET Header on my 2006 MX5. Is it normal to see smoke out of the engine bay and where the midpipe meets the headers? Also, after turning on my car, and letting it run, i turned it off, moved my car in the drive and drove it and a CEL popped up. the code was a P0031 for both O2 sensors. I was wondering if it's because the Catalytic Converter is new and the O2 sensors are trying to adjust themselves. Hopefully someone can give me a bit of a clear conscious before I start buy new O2 sensors.
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Re: RoadsterSport MX5 STREET Header CEL and other questions

Postby Greg @ GWR » Tue Aug 10, 2021 11:48 am

The smoke is the oil used during the manufacturing process burning off. There may even be a little leftover polishing compound burning off. No worries.
The P0031 code is for the first O2 sensor. It is say "faulty heater circuit:" which basically means it isn't working. Try a couple of fixes before replacing - be sure the plugs are fully connected. It may have felt like the connectors were plugged together, but please be sure it has clicked when connected. Also, the sensor may not have been fully installed. If it isn't screwed down completely into the bung it may not be properly reading the exhaust. Check the wiring, you may have broken a wire.
If you get a P0038 code, that is for the rear sensor.
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