San Diego 99 Miata For Sale

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San Diego 99 Miata For Sale

Postby Brian » Fri Jul 09, 2010 3:55 pm

Posted for local:

Hey Brian,

This is Travis with the green '99. Anyway, my contact info: (858) 386-6952 |

My '99 has 125k miles and is in good mechanical condition. Within the last year I installed new brakes (brembo blanks, GranSport pads, ATE fluid); flyin miata suspension (Tokico Illumina, FM springs, FM sways); changed tranny and diff fluids to redline syn.

The top has no tears and was replaced a few years ago. Glass rear window has defrost. Car has leather package (momo wheel, LSD, leather seats).

I'm probably going to sell it with the stock wheels and Michelin Pilot Sport Exaltos, but the 6UL's could be included as well for additional cost.
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