NC JIC FLT-TAR coilovers, 6kg/5kg, 12K miles wear

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NC JIC FLT-TAR coilovers, 6kg/5kg, 12K miles wear

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Selling my JIC FLT-TAR coilovers, 6kg/5kg, as I am moving on to a custom coilover set soon and am running regular springs meanwhile.

Great working condition. These have only 12K of wear, never seen winter (car garaged). No leaks, every adjuster turns, every collar turns. Original JIC spanner wrenches included, shipped in original box. I am the only owner. The shocks behave just like they did on day one.

The spring rate is not overly stiff, yet there is basically no body roll (especially compared to stock). These are adjustable dampening with independently adjustable height, so you can maintain the travel and center shock position no matter the height.

These can be adjusted from moderate drop to very low. I've never tried running it very low, but I don't see why it wouldn't work. Best of all, you don't compromise the travel.

The rears reuse the stock tophat, but are pretty easy to install. When adjusting the rear height, once you get the height set, turn the shock in or out until you get about 2" droop (per JIC support spec, from another thread here).

Cosmetic condition is decent, as you would expect for 12K miles of wear and a year of use. There are some scrapes on the springs from the install and some wear on contact surfaces with the shock mounts. There is some missing paint/wear on the edges of the collars, from where the spanner wrenches were applying force. This is also fairly normal for any coilover that has had any adjustments/life on it. There is trace of blue marker on the rear shock threads, part of doing adjustments.

I had to replace the rear spring perch collar on one of the rear shock mounts, as it got crossthreaded. A few threads got nicked once in the process of removing the crossthreaded collar, but that does not affect the operation or adjustability. The threads have been refreshed with a 2.0mm pitch industrial thread file and the collars rotate smoothly through the entire shock mount travel.

Price: $1200 OBO *shipped* in the continental 48 United States. I will ship Fedex Ground the same business day if you pay early enough in the day or next business day.

PM me or e-mail me at

Here is an extensive picture gallery with high-resolution photos. A few pics from that gallery:



Picture of my car on these coilovers:

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Re: NC JIC FLT-TAR coilovers, 6kg/5kg, 12K miles wear

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Do you still have them available?

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