MX-5 Cup coilovers

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MX-5 Cup coilovers

Postby ronbauer » Sat Nov 12, 2011 10:53 am

Double adjustable Eibach coilovers for 2006-2012 MX-5s

These are the coilovers that all MX-5 Cup cars were required to run in the first season of the series. They are built by Eibach, and have remote reservoirs for adjusting compression, with the rebound adjustment on the shocks themselves.

This set is in decent shape, but probably could use a rebuild to be optimal. I haven't fully looked into it, but according to Mazdaspeed (these were originally sold through them, and have their part numbers on them,) Eibach can rebuild them. Eibach's facility is in California.

The spring rates are 700 front and 400 rear. The rear shocks are inverted (upside down,) which is optimal for unsprung weight.

They come complete and ready to install. The fronts use the stock upper top hats, while the rears use a custom top hat. One thing to keep in mind with the rears are that the custom top hats are not sealed, so theortically water and other road items could get inside the car. That said, it seems that it would be pretty easy to fabricate something to go around the top hats to seal them up. The stock rear top hats won't work with this setup because of the inverted shocks.

Can definitely be used on a street car, but are probably more optimal on a track car.

Because they likely should get rebuilt, I'll let them go for $600 plus shipping for the set.

Feel free to e-mail me at More pics available on request.0
mx-5 cup coilovers5.jpg
mx-5 cup coilovers5.jpg (114.02 KiB)
mx-5 cup coilovers4.jpg
mx-5 cup coilovers4.jpg (120.92 KiB)
mx-5 cup coilovers3.jpg
mx-5 cup coilovers3.jpg (124.7 KiB)
mx-5 cup coilovers2.jpg
mx-5 cup coilovers2.jpg (57.48 KiB)
mx-5 cup coilovers1.jpg
mx-5 cup coilovers1.jpg (140.66 KiB)
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