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FULL set of used RX8/MX5 Double Adjustable Moton coilover shocks intended for Grand AM one brand new spare rear body and one brand new spare front body. Prior race team owner of these did not know to space out the rear bottom connection and thus damaged the threads when the narrow race springs rubbed... but that is merely cosmetic (damage is not in range you can use anyway unless plan to run 4 inch long springs). All six shocks, includes pair of front 13kg Swift springs. All have good pressure but I suggest you likely want to start with fresh rebuild (typically about $700 per set from Moton). A full set of these brand new costs over $6000, so with the spares this is $9000 in suspension art for just $2500.

Can be installed on MX5 but install in the rear is a two man job because of the slight extra length to accommodate the RX8 application. More info on the Moton Website HERE, which reads as follows:

The Club Sport line is designed for the high performance Club racer .

This ulimate suspension system is by far the finest quality and best handling suspension system on the market today.

Featuring remote reservoirs for superior fluid temperature control, quick release hydraulic lines (on most models) for easy installation, seperate compression and rebound damper valving adjustment and height adjustable spring perches, this kit is beyond the more common coil-over systems on the market. If your driving can benefit for the ultimate in suspension tuning, then this kit is for you.

The Club sport damper is double adjustable with seperate rebound and compression controls. Each has fifth teen adjustment levels to help you dial in for every condition you encounter. They are dependable and easy to work with, this system will allow you to use a wide range of spring rates and eliminate the worry of constantly revalve every time you want to increase or decrease your spring rate, you can put them on and drive.

When adjusting the dampers, each click is very noticable to the driver and an ideal setup is easy to find.

In our RX8 Suspension section NOW....

The NEW spares have protective RED plastic netting over them in picture.
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Goodwin, you really know how to hurt a guy!

That's the good stuff there, not ready for that right now, but somebody is going to be very very happy having those.

Regards as aways.
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I am VERY tempted to just throw these on the CC lol. Any idea what to run for rear springs?
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