Miatas at MRLS 2014

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Miatas at MRLS 2014

Post by Brian »

Got the official word today!

Hi all,

Time to mark those calendars!

It seems like the 2013 event was only yesterday -- truly an excellent weekend. It seems (to me) to just get better every time we get together, with 2013 being the best event to date. I think the reason for this is that so many of you now realize that it truly is our event, and that only through your inputs and cooperation can we continue to improve and grow.

We wanted to let people know the date as far in advance as possible to help with planning. Thanks to Mazda's awesome support we were able to secure April 5th and 6th 2014. While not quite as late in the year as we would have preferred, it's still an excellent date in many respects, not the least of which is that there's no conflict with the Big Sur Marathon (as in 2013) which caused hotel costs to skyrocket.

The first wave of information is below. Please check the website and the Facebook page regularly for updates, as that's where we'll be posting all new information instead of me bombarding you with long emails like this one. :-)


I'll be sending out another email on that day with more updates, but there are a couple of very important points I want to emphasize:

Track info
We are running essentially the same rules and setup as in previous years as far as run groups and instruction, with exceptions as noted.

As last year, please make sure to sign up for the run group that honestly suits your driving level. Our first priority is to run a safe event, so If we find you have put yourself into the wrong group for your abilities you will be switched to a more appropriate group.
If after signing up you find that sadly you won't be able to join us, we'll be instituting the same refund policy as last year

6 weeks or more prior to event, 100% refund
2 to 6 weeks out, 50% refund
Less than 2 weeks out, no refund. However in any of these situations you can sell your spot to someone who qualifies for your run group).

D (Novice) group will have mandatory instruction until you can demonstrate to your instructor you are capable of going solo. Both C and D group will be required to go to download sessions after every time on track. (This will be monitored and you won't be allowed back on track if you skip the download). This is for everyone's safety and improved learning, and worked extremely well last year.
*Change of requirements*: NC vehicles with factory rollover will now be permitted only in D group, and hard top cars must run with tops up. For safety reasons we now require all NC vehicles in A, B and C groups to follow the same rollover protection guidelines as other vehicles (see the website for details).

Sponsors and Vendors
This is the one time every year that Miata enthusiasts can stroll around Vendor alley and look at all the great cars, the gorgeous toys, and ask questions of all the top Miata tuners and providers. We'd like to welcome back these fantastic event sponsors for another year:

Flyin Miata
Moss Miata
Good-Win Racing
949 Racing
P R Motorsports

And while the vendor lineup hasn't yet been finalized, we'll most likely see Clearwater Speakers, Trackspeed Engineering, Blackbird Fabworx and Fat Cat Motorsports again.

Event hotel
While the 2013 hotel was quite good, many of you expressed a preference to return to Embassy Suites -- we listened and we got it! Parking is far easier there (especially for those with trailers and assorted rigs), it's easier to get to and generally more convenient, plus the property has just gone through a extensive renovation of the rooms and facilities. There's lots of good news here:

Room rates: We were able to negotiate almost the same group rate as two years ago, at $169 per night. To get this price you'll need to make sure to tell the reservationist you're with "Miatas at Mazda Raceway 2014". This is a significant discount from their regular rates, and also includes free breakfast and happy hour -- not to mention is for a suite and not just a room (great for sharing and saving $$). We will have a dedicated web link you can click on from the Miatas at Mazda Raceway website (http://www.miatasatmazdaraceway.com) next week when signups open. The deadline for making the reservation to get this group rate is March 5th, so please don't wait until the last minute to book your room or you may not get the negotiated rate.
Hotel Parking charges: As we learned from the experience with the 2013 event hotel, virtually all decent hotels in this area are now charging for parking. However the good news is that Miatas at Mazda Raceway will be paying the parking fees for everyone staying at the hotel. The even better news is that we will once again have our own dedicated parking area as in previous years.
The Friday evening BBQ is back!! Thanks to that special group of hard working (crazy hard working!) folks we'll once again be enjoying that awesome Friday BBQ in the parking lot while people take advantage of early event check-in. Please stay tuned to the website and Facebook for more info.
The Banquet will also be back at this hotel again this year. We are limiting it to the first 250 people to sign up. It's the 25th Anniversary, so 25 tables of 10…..get it? (Those who know me by now know I'm a bit of a nerd…..). We're once again working on some interesting guest speakers and surprises for the Banquet.
Free Wi-Fi: Normally an extra charge at this hotel -- we got them to bundle that in for free for our group.
From Rick Weldon today!

More International every year

We've been so fortunate to draw fellow enthusiasts not only from all over the US and Canada -- but also some pretty far away places as well. Steve and Majella have travelled from Newfoundland a couple of times, as well as Claudio and Ana all the way from Brazil two years in a row, and Dennis from New Zealand last year. For this special 25th Anniversary event we'll now be welcoming "Miata family" from Japan and the Philippines!! Very much looking forward to seeing all of our old friends and to meeting new ones this next time around.

Starting the countdown to Miatas at Mazda Raceway 2014 25th Anniversary event! See you all soon.

Rick and the Miatas at Mazda Raceway team
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Re: Miatas at MRLS 2014

Post by Brian »


Got this today!

I'm pretty certain this isn't the email any of you were expecting. I know the information I got today wasn't what I was expecting.

This morning I got a phone call from Jeremy at Mazda, and we had a conversation that changed everything about this upcoming 25th Anniversary event.

The conversation started with the offer to change our event date from April 5th and 6th to September 6th and 7th. This was wonderful news in itself due to the significantly improved weather and reduced chance of rain. But the words "we're really going to make this worth your while" really caught my attention. Are you ready?

Mazda wants to help us set a new world record for the largest gathering of Miatas ever. Guinness Book of World Records stuff.

What that means is that we (obviously) won't be opening registration until a little later in the year. And we have some work to do.

Where do we go from here?

We have the longest pre-plannig opportunity, for the best date we've ever had
We have Mazda fully behind us to help make history!
We have their word this is really going to be worth our while…….so expect something extra special even beyond the world record.

What can you do?

Spread the word! Keep some info with you and pass it on to every other Miata owner you see.

Miatas at MRLS has had an amazing and steady growth since our first event 5 years ago thanks to you -- based entirely on us working together as a grassroots effort.

This is our chance to make some real history together and share an experience we'll all remember the rest of our lives.

Please stay tuned.

Best to all,

Brian Goodwin
Good-Win Racing
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