NC - CAI, midpipe, and stock brakes

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NC - CAI, midpipe, and stock brakes

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I recently made a few changes to my car, so time to get rid of the old.

Changed a few things on Bruiser recently and have a few spare items now. These can be brought to the National Championships if you act quickly.

AEM CAI (cold air intake) that already has mods done to be STR legal. Include piping, filter, elbow and attachments - $200

Goodwin Racing RS midpipe. Has small biscuit style high flow cat and a resonator. Stainless construction - $250

Stock brake setup. This includes all 4 calipers, discs, rubber lines, pads (a couple different compounds) and ebrake attachments - $200

Also have one stock 17x7 wheel. It's a bit rough, but good for a spare - $50

Pictures available on request

Best way to contact is by email at

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