Flyin' miata/Good-Win-Racing/Cosworth supercharger kit

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Flyin' miata/Good-Win-Racing/Cosworth supercharger kit

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Hello all,

I am selling a Flyin' Miata/Good-Win-Racing/Cosworth supercharger kit for $3500 plus shipping.

This set includes a brand new (not refurbished) supercharger unit shipped to you directly from Magnuson, a new set of injectors, and an upgraded 3.2 inch pulley that will make 10 psi max. The rest of the parts are about two years old, and they are in good operating conditions. All the pulleys spin smooth and quiet, and there was no crack on the pulley mounting bracket. Every part were carefully packed and labeled for future install. The only things you will need to purchase are the rubber hoses, and you can find the specs of those at the end of the supercharger installation instructions.

For more information of the supercharger kit, please see:

Your can reach me at 734-276-2483. Let me know if you have any questions.

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