Cosworth Roller Barrel Throttle Bodies

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Cosworth Roller Barrel Throttle Bodies

Post by Brian »

Cosworth Roller Barrel Throttle Bodies with two spare filters $999, which is HALF of new cost.

Held onto this thinking we would build another full out track NC, but with planning to move it is time to let it go. Need Motec or similar to run this setup, cable activated, not drive by wire with factory ECU. We ran this setup in our NCLIGHT, added a good 20hp over 70mm tb. Sound was AMAZING, throttle response equally AMAZING. Don't buy it unless you REALLY know what you are doing, you need to fab up the linkage and cable setup, custom ECU, etc. Dyno is what we made with stock block mazda3 2.5 with stock crank, high compression pistons, comptech cams.
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Re: Cosworth Roller Barrel Throttle Bodies

Post by DanielS172 »

Is this CARB approved tho? Kidding :lol:
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