Hoping to visit

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Hoping to visit

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I am planning a trip to SoCal in Jan or Feb, will most likely fly into LA and then drive down to San Diego. I was hoping to visit your shop and check out some of the products I am hoping to purchase in the future. Picked up a 2018 last Sept and only got to enjoy her for about 6 weeks before I had to put her away for the winter.
We had a 50th Anniversary Model up here in Canada this year that came with the BBS and Bilstiens but not the Brembos. So I would like to upgrade the brakes and the exhaust at the very least. A buddy of mine has the same model and he installed your Super Sport muffler which is great but still a little quiet. I would love to hear the adjustable twin tip model.
Are you aware of anything going on locally during Jan-Feb? I like to include some car stuff on my trips. Most likely will not be able to rent a Miata so you might have to forgive a Mustang...need to put the roof down...especially when there are snow drifts at home :)
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Re: Hoping to visit

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For local events google and check the San Diego Miata Club calendar, always fun stuff going on.
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