Nissan Teases the New Z...

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Nissan Teases the New Z...

Post by Brian »

And I like what I see so far...very traditional almost 240Z lines.
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Re: Nissan Teases the New Z...

Post by SeanM476 »

I would love this car, but it's going to take a few years before they pull the dealer markup of this car. They still haven't come out with pricing yet and I think with the inflationary trend, it's going to be closer to the Supra than I think most people will realize.

I see it's got a carbon fiber drive shaft. That's a great add-on with a car that has 400hp. I've seen them make them for MX-5, but it's like $1k over the stock shaft to save 1lb and get a slight advantage at a standing start. I don't think anyone runs an MX-5 at over 100mph for long to benefit from the smoother driveline that helps keep the car settled in a race with long sweepers.
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