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Posted: Thu Feb 24, 2022 1:29 pm
Track RX8 for sale! Sale price: $15K OBO
I put together a list of the aftermarket parts installed in the car for that purpose and OME parts that was purchased as a backup still available. Between aftermarket and OEM parts, the grand total cost adds to $45,000.

The last modifications (less than a year ago) performed on the car were a 2009 R3 Manual Transmission 03-0000-P6Y1, 2009 R3 Differential, ACT Racing Clutch 2nd Stage, Adaptronic Modular Plug-In ECU eMod013, AEM X-Series Digital Fuel Pressure Gauge - 0-100, AEM X-Series Wideband Controller Gauge A/F Ratio UEGO AFR, Aeromotive Fuel Line Adapter Kit, Flex Fuel Sensor & Fittings, Fuel Pressure Regulator, Fuel Surge Tank, Mishimoto Oil Catch Can, Performance Oil Cooler Thermostat - 165⁰F, SuperPro Differential Center Support Bushing Kit - 80 Durometer, Venturi Jet Kit & Fuel Fittings & Hoses, and Walbro Hellcat Fuel Pump. Most of the modification was done so the modified Renesis engine could run with C85 racing fuel which was generating 216WBH/NA in the dyno.

I am giving up everything for just a fraction of the cost to recover some of the cost since the car still track-worthy and is just in the need of a new car-enthusiast owner and new engine. Additional pictures or info is available upon request.
RX8 SALE - Aftermarket & OEM Parts List_1.jpg
RX8 SALE - Aftermarket & OEM Parts List_2.jpg