FOR SALE ND Greddy Supreme SP Full Exhaust - Michigan

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FOR SALE ND Greddy Supreme SP Full Exhaust - Michigan

Postby CoreyZ399 » Tue Mar 29, 2022 11:34 am

Used for 2 years, ~10k miles.
I’m selling because it’s a bit too loud for my taste. However, I do miss the added power and throttle response. It’s really noticeable when I put the OE exhaust back on. The second cat gets deleted which really unrestricted flow.
You will need new fasteners and gaskets to install. I can help you locate the parts if needed. I also recommend polyurethane hangers to prevent the muffler from touching the underbody when driving over bumps.
It’s in good shape, just discolored from heat aging. The tips are still bright and shiny. It looks amazing on the car.
Price new was $1,200. They don’t sell the full exhaust with mid pipe anymore.

Info: ... mx-5-miata
Photo here: ... 97633.html
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